Graduate Programme

The Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) provides optimal working conditions and a structured early-career support for the PhD students which are involved in TRR 195. It offers a visible way of supporting the scientific independence and further qualifications of doctoral researchers. The programme of the IRTG is also open for other students at the participating locations working in subjects related to TRR 195, independent of their source of funding.

The thematic focus of the IRTG is determined by the scientific content of TRR 195. On a regular basis, introductory lectures into the
mathematical core areas of TRR 195 are offered, with a particular emphasis on computational aspects in these areas. Further breadth as well as depth of the education is achieved by more advanced topics lectures, regular topics seminars and transregional IRTG seminars, and by master classes and summer schools.

The aim of the qualification programme is to provide first class and research oriented education and to prepare the doctoral students for their further careers, both within and outside of academia. While working on an attractive mix of theoretical and computational approaches to cutting edge mathematical research problems, the students acquire a mathematical multidisciplinary knowledge as well as competence in problem solving — which qualifies them for both career paths, in academics and in industry.

The guiding principle is that the students are part of a greater scientific family where they do not only get to know their parents but also, on a somewhat lesser level, their more distant relatives. This means that both, depth and breadth in mathematical education, are valued and we expect from our students that after the completion of their degree they are not only experts in their special subject, but have also acquired a broader knowledge, at least on a basic level, in several of the topics represented in TRR 195.


Relevant International Summer Schools and Master Classes