IRTG-Seminar SS 2018

This semester we will have again two meetings with the IRTG-Seminar. The first one will take place in Saarbrücken, the second one in Kaiserslautern.


First Meeting: Wednesday, May 2nd 2018, Saarbrücken, E2 4, Seminarraum 6.

15:00 - 15:50Emil RotilioGeneric character table of finite groups of Lie type
16:00 - 16:50Ricardo SchnurNon-commutative rational functions and linear representations
17:00 - 17:50Raul-Paul EpureDerivations on Singularities
Abstracts of the first meeting
Raul's talk: The talk consists of three parts. First we give a short introduction to singularity theory. Afterwards we talk about algebraic groups and Lie algebras. In the last part we show how to connect the theory of algebraic groups and Lie algebras with singularities using the module of derivations. Using this connection we show that the in the case of quasi-homogeneous isolated hypersurface singularities information about the structure of the singularity can be read of from the derivation module of the Milnor algebra.

Second Meeting: Wednesday, July 11th 2018, Kaiserslautern, 48-438.

14:00-14:50Andrea ThevisStrata of p-Origamis
15:00-15:50Isabel StengerA Homological Approach to Numerical Godeaux Surfaces
16:00-16:50Hanieh KeneshlouThe unirationality of the Hurwitz spaces
Abstracts of the second meeting
Andrea's talk: We begin by recalling some basic definitions from topology and the theory of translation surfaces. Using these we define p-origamis which are the objects of main interest in the talk. They arise as normal covers of the torus. The goal is to classify the types of singularities of p-origamis. If time permits, I describe connections to Teichmüller theory.

Impressions of the two meetings in Summer Term 2018.