Joint Block Seminar on Category Theory

The 2023 edition of the IRTG Block seminar is about “Category Theory”.

Starting from the very definition of a category, we will look at the idea of the categorification of an algebraic object. This turned out to be a powerful method in a variety of mathematical contexts in the last decades. One classical example will be Khovanov Homology, a categorification — and more powerful version — of the Jones-polynomial for links. To this end we introduce specific topics of homological algebra, links, diagrammatic algebras and put it all together into a connecting framework.

Date: September 18 – 22, 2023.

Location: The meeting will take place in Trippstadt at the Seminarhaus Trippstadt, single rooms are provided.

Registration: In order to register for the seminar send a short notice to:

Please indicate if you wish to stay over the weekend in Saarbrücken in order to participate at the annual meeting taking place there, we will forward the information.

Deadline for registration: 1st August 2023.

A preliminary schedule can be found here.


List of participants:

Ibrahim AhmadRWTH Aachen
Annika BarteltRPTU Kaiserslautern
Tobias BraunRWTH Aachen
Nicolas FaroßUniversität des Saarlandes
Jonas FrankRPTU Kaiserslautern
Friedrich GüntherUniversität des Saarlandes
Santosh GnawaliRPTU Kaiserslautern
Lars GöttgensRWTH Aachen
Linda HoyerRWTH Aachen
Giulia IezziRWTH Aachen
Luca JunkUniversität des Saarlandes
Kathrin KaiserRPTU Kaiserslautern
Manuel KanyUniversität des Saarlandes
Pascal KattlerUniversität des Saarlandes
Markus KaufUniversität Bonn
Vanishree Krishna KirekodRWTH Aachen
Max MayerRPTU Kaiserslautern
Stevell MullerUniversität des Saarlandes
Daniel RademacherRWTH Aachen
Friedrich RoberRWTH Aachen
Marie RothRPTU Kaiserslautern
Julien SchanzUniversität des Saarlandes


Organizers: Fabian Mäurer, Liam Rogel and Erec Thorn.