Women in Algebra and Symbolic Computations II

The workshop “Women in Algebra and Symbolic Computations II” has been scheduled from Monday, November 29 to Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at the Kurpark-Hotel in Bad Dürkheim. The main organizers are Birte Johansson, Michael Kunte, Gunter Malle, Hannah Markwig, Laura Voggesberger and Gabriela Weitze-Schmithüsen.


The conference is dedicated to the promotion of female researchers in the research area of our TRR. Hence the algebraic disciplines group and representation theory, algebraic geometry, commutative and non-commutative algebra, tropical and polyhedral geometry, number theory as well as random matrix theory and free probability are included. These mathematical fields are connected through symbolic methods and computations.

We are aiming at providing a stimulating platform for female researchers – networking is one of the main objectives of the workshop. This includes established female researches as well as Postdocs and graduate students. Male participants are very welcome and encouraged to attend.

Main Speakers

SpeakerField of researchHome UniversityTitle of the talk
Bettina EickComputational Group TheoryTechnische Universität BraunschweigOn the classification of p-groups
Marta PanizzutTropical GeometryTechnische Universität BerlinA tropical count of real bitangents to plane quartic curves
Karen VogtmannAlgebraic Geometry/TopologyUniversity of WarwickEuler characteristics of spaces of graphs


Here is the preliminary schedule:


Registered for the conference are (registration deadline has expired):

Firoozeh Aga
Mara Belotti
Dominik Bernhardt
Marie-Charlotte Brandenburg
Sofia Bettina Brenner
Eirini Chavli
Maria Cumplido Cabello
Mareike Dressler
Bettina Eick
Samantha Fairchild
Niamh Farrell
Claudia Fevola
Claus Fieker
Alheydis Geiger
Agnese Gini
Paula Hähndel
Irene Heinrich
Birte Johansson
Vanishree Krishna Kirekod
Michael Kunte
Caroline Lassueur
Verity Mackscheid
Gunter Malle
Matilde Manzaroli
Hannah Markwig
Chiara Meroni
Anja Meyer
Anna Franziska Michael
Lucia Morotti
Emily Norton
Marta Panizzut
Sonia Petschik
Margherita Piccolo
Irem Portakal
Karthika Rajeev
Ana-Maria Retegan
Noelia Rizo
Lukas Ruhstorfer
Bakul Sathaye
Karin Schaller
Victoria Schleis
Johannes Schmitt
Irene Schwarz
Miruna-Stefana Sorea
Britta Späth
Mima Stanojkovski
Isabel Stenger
Anna Sucker
Andrea Thevis
Meirav Topol-Amram
Laura Voggesberger
Karen Vogtmann
Yvonne Weber
Gabriela Weitze-Schmithüsen



Because of the rapidly increasing number of corona cases, we want to switch to a 2G concept to be on the safe side. That means: We only ask people to come to the conference who are fully vaccinated or have recovered. A test certificate without proof of vaccination/recovering is not longer sufficient. Please do not travel if you have symptoms of a cold. In addition, we will provide rapid corona tests on site and also ask vaccinated or recovered people to test themselves.

Impressions on the conference

Some impressions on the 2021 conference can be found here.