Retreat 2023 of the SFB 195

The retreat at half-time (second funding period) of the SFB-TRR 195 with a view to the future takes place from Tuesday, 28th  February to Friday, 3rd March 2023, in the Ebernburg in Bad Münster am Stein. The organisors are Ghislain Fourier, Gunter Malle and Michael Kunte.


The main intention is to strengthen cooperation within SFB-TRR 195. Therefore, there will only be very few plenary lectures, instead all mathematical and all software focuses should be given enough opportunity to retreat and work together. In addition, there will be overview lectures for each mathematical focus and also from the OSCAR project, which generally explain how the status of the respective subprojects and their embedding in the overall objective is.

The second focus of the retreat will be the strategic development of the SFB-TRR 195. The aim of the retreat is the preparation of a first list of preliminary projects of the third funding period.



Computational developments / OSCARsurvey talk / presentationTue, 28thMichael Joswig
Tropical and polyhedral geometrysurvey talk / presentationTue, 28thHannah Markwig
Group and representation theorysurvey talk / presentationWed, 1stGunter Malle
Algebraic geometry, commutative and non-commutative algebrasurvey talk / presentationWed, 1st
Vladimir Lazić
Free probability and random matricessurvey talk / presentationThu, 2ndMoritz Weber
Number theorysurvey talk / presentationThu, 2ndGabriele Nebe

Abstracts of the talks:


Preliminary Schedule / Vorläufiger Zeitplan


Vorläufiger Zeitplan


We start at Tuesday, 28th Feb, at 13:30, with the presentations at the Martin-Luther-Saal. For non-members of the Steering Committee the retreat ends after lunch on Friday, 3rd.

Confirmed Participants

Dr. John A. AbbottRPTU Kaiserslautern
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Daniele AgostiniUniversity of Tübingen
Prof. Dr. Laurent BartholdiSaarland University
Dr. Janko BöhmRPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau
Jun. Prof. Dr. Simon BrandhorstSaarland University
Dr. Daniel CoreyTU Berlin
Prof. Dr. Wolfram DeckerRPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau
Dr. Xin FangRWTH Aachen
Prof. Dr. Claus FiekerRPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau
Prof. Dr. Ghislain FourierRWTH Aachen
Prof. Dr. Anne Frühbis-KrügerOldenburg University
Prof. Dr. Meinolf GeckUniversity of Stuttgart
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tommy HofmannSiegen University
Prof. Dr. Max HornRPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau
Prof. Dr. Michael JoswigTU Berlin
Dr. Lars KastnerTU Berlin
Dr. Michael KunteRPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau
Prof. Dr. Vladimir LazićSaarland University
Dr. Frank LübeckRWTH Aachen University
Prof. Dr. Gunter MalleRPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau
Prof. Dr. Hannah MarkwigUniversity of Tübingen
Prof. Dr. Gabriele NebeRWTH Aachen University
Prof. Dr. Alice NiemeyerRWTH Aachen
Prof. Dr. Daniel RobertzRWTH Aachen
Prof. Dr. Pascal SchweitzerTU Darmstadt
Prof. Dr. Roland SpeicherSaarland University
Prof. Dr. Ulrich ThielRPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau
Prof. Dr. Moritz WeberSaarland University
Prof. Dr. Gabriela Weitze-SchmithüsenSaarland University
Prof. Dr. Eva ZerzRWTH Aachen University



Since the presence of all PIs is essential, a room will be reserved for each PI. We ask postdocs, doctoral students and others to register with  Barbara Ermisch via email until November 30th, 2022.


The Ebernburg in Bad Münster am Stein can be easily reached by train (train station “Bad Münster am Stein”) or car from all main locations.