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# TitleTimeVenue
1Software Workshop: Geometry & Combinatorics I2010-02-11 ~ 2010-02-14Kaiserslautern, Germany
2Sage Days 23.52010-07-14 ~ 2010-07-16Kaiserslautern, Germany
3Summer school in Algorithmic Mathematics2010-08-16 ~ 2010-08-20Berlin, Germany
4Resolution of singularities and semi-stable reduction2010-08-31 ~ 2010-09-03Hannover, Germany
5Software Workshop: Fast linear algebra, Groebner Bases & Parallelization in Singular2010-09-15 ~ 2010-09-17Kaiserslautern, Germany
63. NTH-Computeralgebratag Braunschweig - Hannover2010-11-04Hannover, Germany
7Computer Algebra in Representation Theory of Algebras2010-11-05 ~ 2010-11-06Bielefeld, Germany
8Software Workshop: Geometry & Combinatorics II2010-11-25 ~ 2010-11-27Göttingen, Germany
9EACA's First International School on Computer Algebra and its Applications2011-01-24 ~ 2011-01-28Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Spain
101st Annual Meeting2011-02-21 ~ 2011-02-25Aachen, Germany
11polymake-Workshop2011-03-31 ~ 2011-04-01TU Darmstadt, Germany
12First SINGULAR-GAP Developers Meeting2011-05-16 ~ 2011-05-20St. Andrews, Scotland
13AIM Workshop: The Cohen-Lenstra heuristics for class groups2011-06-13 ~ 2011-06-17Palo Alto, USA
144. NTH-Computeralgebratag Hannover - Braunschweig2011-06-15TU Braunschweig, Germany
15Industrial Applications and Prospects of Computer Algebra2011-06-21 ~ 2011-06-22Kaiserslautern, Germany
16Explicit Methods in Number Theory2011-07-17 ~ 2011-07-23Oberwolfach, Germany
17Computational Group Theory2011-07-31 ~ 2011-08-06Oberwolfach, Germany
18Summer School on Computational Group Theory2011-08-08 ~ 2011-08-12Kirchberg, Germany
19Computations with Modular Forms ( Summer School )2011-08-29 ~ 2011-09-02Heidelberg, Germany
20Computations with Modular Forms ( Conference )2011-09-05 ~ 2011-09-08Heidelberg, Germany
21Workshop Variation of Cohomology: D-Modules, Monodromy and Arithmetic2011-09-14 ~ 2011-09-16University of Bayreuth, Germany
22Mini-Symposium Algorithmische Algebra2011-09-19 ~ 2011-09-22DMV-Tagung, Universität zu Köln, Germany
23Conference on tropical geometry and computational biology2011-09-26 ~ 2011-09-30Saarbrücken, Germany
24Lattices, Codes and Modular Forms2011-09-26 ~ 2011-09-29Aachen, Germany
25Sage - Singular Days2011-09-26 ~ 2011-09-30Kaiserslautern, Germany
26Summer School in Algorithmic Mathematics 20112011-10-10 ~ 2011-10-14Berlin, Germany
27Second SINGULAR-GAP Developers Meeting2011-11-14 ~ 2011-11-18TU Kaiserslautern, Germany
28AIM Workshop: Singular learning theory, connecting algebraic geometry and model selection in statistics2011-12-12 ~ 2011-12-16Palo Alto, USA
292nd Annual Meeting2012-02-27 ~ 2012-03-01Hannover, Germany
303rd polymake Workshop2012-03-22 ~ 2012-03-23Darmstadt, Germany
31Gap, Polymake and Singular meeting2012-03-29 ~ 2012-03-30FU Berlin, Germany
32Computeralgebra-Tagung 2012 der Fachgruppe Computeralgebra2012-05-10 ~ 2012-05-12Kassel, Germany
33Symbolic Computation and its Applications 20122012-05-17 ~ 2012-05-20Aachen, Germany
34Efficient Linear Algebra for Gröbner Basis Computations Workshop2012-06-04 ~ 2012-06-08Kaiserslautern, Germany
35Workshop on Group rings and related topics2012-06-25 ~ 2012-06-29University of Stuttgart, Germany
36S2AM 2012 - Summer School in Algorithmic Mathematics2012-08-06 ~ 2012-08-10Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany
37Third SINGULAR-GAP Developers Meeting2012-08-27 ~ 2012-08-31St. Andrews, Scotland
38Workshop "Gradings and Decomposition Numbers"2012-09-24 ~ 2012-09-28Stuttgart, Germany
39Herbstschule Tropische und Polyedrische Kombinatorik2012-10-09 ~ 2012-10-12TU Darmstadt, Germany
40Fourth SINGULAR-GAP Developers Meeting2013-01-07 ~ 2013-01-11Aachen, Germany
41 Hyperplane Arrangements: combinatorial and geometric aspects2013-02-21 ~ 2013-02-22Ruhr-Uni Bochum, Germany
423rd Annual Meeting2013-03-18 ~ 2013-03-22Konstanz, Germany
43Workshop 'Questions, Algorithms, and Computations in Abstract Group Theory'2013-05-21 ~ 2013-05-24TU Braunschweig, Germany
44Syzygies in Berlin2013-05-27 ~ 2013-05-31Berlin, Germany
45 MEGA 2013: Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry2013-06-03 ~ 2013-06-07Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
46International School on Computer Algebra: COCOA 20132013-06-10 ~ 2013-06-14Osnabrück, Germany
47Algebraic Curves and Cryptography2013-07-18 ~ 2013-07-19Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
48Algebra, Algorithms and Algebraic Analysis, Summer School 20132013-09-02 ~ 2013-09-06Rolduc, NL (near Aachen)
49Summer School in Algorithmic Mathematics2013-09-02 ~ 2013-09-06Universität Hamburg
50New Perspetives in Hyperplane and Reflection Arrangements2014-02-10Bochum, Germany
514th Annual Meeting2014-03-03 ~ 2014-03-07Bad Boll, Germany
52Geometry and Arithmetic of Surfaces2014-03-17 ~ 2014-03-21Munich, Germany
53polymake workshop2014-03-28TU Berlin
54Meeting on Computer Algebra and Applications: EACA 20142014-06-18 ~ 2014-06-20Barcelona/ Institut d'Estudis Catalans
55Tropical workshop 2014-06-26 ~ 2014-06-27Saarbruecken
56First GAP Days2014-08-25 ~ 2014-08-29Aachen, Germany
57Workshop on Diagram Algebras2014-09-08 ~ 2014-09-12Stuttgart, Germany
58Workshop: Computations in Groups and Algebras (CoGrAl2015)2015-02-16 ~ 2015-02-19Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany
59Second GAP Days2015-03-16 ~ 2015-03-20Aachen, Germany
60Normaliz Workshop2015-05-15 ~ 2015-05-16Osnabrück
61Workshop: Experimental Methods in Computational Algebra2015-05-26 ~ 2015-05-29Hannover, Germany
62Tropical workshop2015-05-27 ~ 2015-05-28FU Berlin
63Theory and applications of syzygies2015-07-01 ~ 2015-07-03Saarbruecken
64Algorithms and Representations2015-07-27 ~ 2015-07-28RWTH Aachen
65Hyperplane Arrangements and Reflection Groups2015-08-10 ~ 2015-08-12Hannover, Germany
66Summer School on Algebraic and Tropical Geometry2015-09-07 ~ 2015-09-11Kaiserslautern, Germany
67Analytic Number Theory and Diophantine Geometry2015-09-07 ~ 2015-09-11Hannover, Germany
68Multiplier ideals, test ideals and Bernstein-Sato polynomials2015-09-07 ~ 2015-09-10Barcelona, Spain
695th Annual Meeting 2015-09-28 ~ 2015-10-02Osnabrück
70Geometry of algebraic varieties2015-10-06 ~ 2015-10-09HU Berlin
71Combinatorial and Experimental Methods in Commutative Algebra and Related Fields2015-10-07 ~ 2015-10-10Osnabrück, Germany
72Meeting on Algebraic Vision2015-10-08 ~ 2015-10-09TU Berlin
73Jupyter Singular Meeting2015-11-17Kaiserslautern, Germany
74EACA's Third International School on Computer Algebra and Applications2016-01-18 ~ 2016-01-21Seville, Spain
75Computational Methods for Representations and Group Rings2016-02-18 ~ 2016-02-19University of Stuttgart
76Computeralgebra and Applications2016-07-20Berlin / 7ECM
776th Annual Meeting2016-10-10 ~ 2016-10-14Kaiserslautern, Germany