The final annual conference of the DFG priority project SPP 1489 was held in Kaiserslautern

from Monday, October 10, 2016, 2 pm to Friday, October 14, 1 pm.

The field of computer algebra allows one to compute in and with a multitude of mathematical structures. It is interdisciplinary in nature, with links to quite a number of areas in mathematics, with applications in mathematics and other branches of science, and with constantly new and often surprising developments.


Particular fruitful interactions unfold between computer algebra and algebraic geometry, number theory, and group theory. Algebraic algorithms open up new ways of accessing subareas of these key disciplines of mathematics, and they are fundamental to practical applications of the disciplines. Conversely, challenges arising in algebraic geometry, number theory, and group theory quite often lead to algorithmic breakthroughs which, in turn, open the door for new theoretical and practical applications of computer algebra.

The goal of the DFG Priority Program SPP 1489 is to considerably further the algorithmic and experimental methods in the afore mentioned disciplines, to combine the different methods where needed, and to apply them to central questions in theory and praxis. Moreover, the programme is meant to support the further development of free computer algebra systems which are (co-)based in Germany, and which in the framework of different projects, may require crosslinking on different levels.

Of particular interest are interactions with application areas inside and outside of mathematics such as system- and control theory, coding theory, cryptography, CAD, algebraic combinatorics, and algebraic statistics as well as hybrid methods which combine numerical and symbolic approaches.